Rule number one: Moderator is always right.


Once upon a time there was a peaceful city where Mafia decided to invade. Innocent citizens had no other choice but to reveal and eliminate all the mafiosi in order to save the lives of their own. In case they fail, Mafia will take absolute control of the city and plain citizens will be doomed with no chance to escape.


The game includes «day» and «night» alternating phases. During the daytime all the players take part in public discussion trying to reveal the Mafia. When the night falls, players «go to sleep» by putting their masks on. Only the particular characters «awaken» at night following the Moderator’s instructions and perform their game functions. Cards with characters are dealt in the beginning of the game.
There is a great variety of characters and rules to follow, and it’s up to the Moderator to explain it duly in each certain case.

When the night is over, daytime discussion begins. Plain citizens try to find out who the Mafia is, while mafiosi pretend to be honest and cautiously try to malign the innocent. Various psychological methods such as intuition, reasoning and provocations can be used during the discussion to find out who your neighbours are. The more dynamic discussion is, the higher chances plain citizens have to reveal the criminals and to save the city.

When daytime discussion comes to an end, each player speaks out in his turn. Speaker may share his suspicions and defend himself if necessary or nominate another player to be voted against. After everybody has expressed their opinion, voting against all the nominated suspects begins. The person who gets the majority of votes is considered to be «lynched». He must reveal his card and leave the game.

Players voting

Vote, ladies and gentlemen!

Basic characters

Plain citizens or innocents (red team). They are in majority but they don’t know who is who. Innocents don’t wake up at night, taking part in daytime discussion only and trying to find the Mafia.

Mafia (black team). Mafia wins if it eliminates all the plain citizens or if the number of innocents left is equal to the number of mafiosi left. During the daytime mafiosi pretend to represent the interests of the red team but at night they awaken and select a victim they «shoot». They can use gestures to communicate with each other, because making any noise will disclose their identity. After communicating the number of the victim to the Moderator, Mafia falls asleep again.

Don of the Mafia (black team). Don has two special functions. First is to make a final decision about which player should be chosen as a victim in case when other mafiosi can’t make up their minds. And second is to awaken separately from his clan and to search for the Detective, the leader of the red team. Once a night Don points at a player who may be the Detective in his opinion and receives either negative or positive reply from the Moderator. In case Don succeeds in his search, he may try to persuade the citizens to vote against this player in the daytime or shoot him next night when awakening with Mafia.

Detective (red team). The Detective is the authorised representative of the peaceful city. He awakens in his turn and chooses any player to check whether he is Mafia or not. The Detective doesn’t shoot anybody, he can only receive either negative or positive reply from the Moderator in respect of a person he checks. If he finds a mafioso, it is his duty to convince the citizens to vote against this player in the daytime. However, the Detective should be extremely cautious so as not to reveal his identity.


So much responsibility…

Doctor (red team). This character has an ability to rescue citizens. Every night Doctor tries to guess who was shot by the Mafia and points at a player he’d like to protect. In case Doctor succeeds in helping the right person, there will be no (or less) victims in the morning.
Doctor can’t protect the same player over two consecutive nights. Doctor is able to protect himself, but only once in a game.

There’s also a grey team with characters playing for themselves. One of the most popular self-team roles is a Maniac. His goal is to remain face to face with an innocent citizen. Maniac awakens in his turn and selects a victim, which can be a plain citizen as well as a mafioso. Maniac has two special features: his victim can’t be rescued by the Doctor and he is always a «plain citizen» when the Detective checks him.

In case of children Mafia the role of the Maniac should either be approved by parents or replaced by another character.

These are the basic characters. Their number and proportion depends on the quantity of players. There are also a lot of additional roles you will learn about from the Moderator.

Functions of the Game Moderator

The Moderator manages the game and maintains discipline as the essential part of the game process. For example, when a player speaks out during his personal minute, other participants are prohibited from talking or energetic gesturing.

Besides, it is the Moderator who creates the city of your dream to ensure you will enjoy staying there, no matter what your role is.

Happy Mafia players

Moderator is always right!